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Link building is an integral part of a marketing strategy. Link building tools help build communication with the audience and influence the development of the product as a whole.

Links from one resource to another are essentially recommendations and signal to search engines that the content published on the resource is useful and interesting to the user. And the more this resource is recommended by other high-quality and trust sites, the more confidence in it not only the search engine, but also the users.

Ever since Larry Page invented the PageRank algorithm for Google in 1998 and links became an important ranking factor, one of the main tasks of SEO specialists has been working with link mass.

PageRank is based on the idea that the more links lead to a site, the more authoritative it is. It is not surprising that soon after the start of the algorithm, the term “link building” appeared – work on building a link mass and extracting inbound links to a site.

During its existence, link building has transformed into a separate direction of SEO – the profession of a link builder has also appeared.

A link builder is a narrow-profile specialist who is engaged in external website promotion and search for sites to post links to it.

Link builder searches for sites and blogs to post articles, knows how to get crowd links, how to work with exchanges – these and other operational tasks take a lot of time. Therefore, if possible, it is advisable for an SEO specialist not to do this himself, but to take a link builder to help.

Link building helps to not only promote a website to the top search engines and get more organic traffic, but also to increase brand awareness.

So let’s take a closer look at what a link builder does.

Creates a link profile development strategy (link building strategy)
To do this, the link builder:

analyzes the link profile of the promoted site, competitors and their promotion strategy;
selects the most suitable link building methods for each project;
compiles anchor lists;
calculates the budget.

What a link builder should know and be able to do
The link builder needs to understand areas such as:

link promotion methods;
how search engines work;
ranking algorithms;
key KPIs and link builder performance metrics;
methods and ways of searching for sites, as well as criteria for their assessment;
the basics of content marketing;
fundamentals of web analytics.

Skills that a link builder should have:

analyze the link profile of the site;
analyze competitors and their promotion strategies;
determine the target audience and the needs of the audience;
work with professional tools – Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Majestic, Google Analytics, Excel, Google Sheets;
draw up technical specifications for copywriters;
correctly apply the methods of link promotion, depending on the characteristics of the niche;
compose anchor lists;
calculate budget estimates;
find and analyze the sites on which links will be posted;
communicate with webmasters, editors and journalists;
control the quality of content to check the uniqueness, spelling, grammar, technical parameters such as water content and nausea – using the services of “Turgenev”, Istio, “Glavred” and others.

The profession of a link builder requires perseverance, attentiveness, readiness for monotonous work – you have to solve many routine tasks.

You will also need strategic thinking, since when linking, you need to take into account the characteristics of a niche, competitors, trends in changes in search engine algorithms. And accordingly, calculate the possible risks and select the best promotion options for each case. Strategy building is not an algorithm job, but rather analytics and creativity.

In addition, the field is constantly evolving – and this requires flexibility and creativity from the link builder.